Monday, August 1, 2011

Aisyaa's Closet

I am a shopaholic who loves dressing up my kids, especially my two girls Ainaa & Aisyaa. So fast time flies, they're growing n growing..little babies to little girls.. with their closet's full of small, adorable outfits, i have decided to put up their pre-loved apparels for sale.. at a very affordable prices. These are 100% original and bought from local authentic boutiques (GAP, GUESS, Osh Kosh, Poney, Disney, etc..).. Don't worry, these clothes are all in a satisfactory condition. Please feel free to email for any doubts.. Have fun browsing and hope you enjoy the apparels!.. and do continue to visit this blog as more n more items to be added from time to time!
What you see is what you get..:)
Note: I have removed all items which have been sold in 2009 & 2010 . For these sold items, pictures available on your right.

Aug '11
Baju kurung green turqoise
Size: 2-3 yrs, cotton
(kain length 19.5', baju 17.5')
Condition: 10/10
Price: rm30

Baju Kurung bunga2 hijau gelap
Size: 2 cotton
(kain length 19', baju 17')
Condition: 9/10
Price: rm22
baju ikutkan 18.5', tp dh dijahit ke 17, blh buka jahitan

Vietnam outfit
Size: 2
(length pants 18', length top 19.5')

Condition: 9/10
Price: rm30
*bought at Hanoi

Guess black 'ropol' shirt
Size: 5/6
Condition: 9/10
Price: rm20

Guess pink shirt
Size: S 4T
Condition: 8/10 - a bit dull
Price: rm14



Guess jeans pants 'lusuh'
Size: 6, length 15' - adjustable strap
Condition: 9/10
Price: rm35
*aisyaa wore twice only, muat2 je dgn dia, so hav to let go...

Dark blue legging
Size: 4, length 16'
Condition: 9/10
Price: rm8

pattern tight pants/legging
Size: 3-4, length 15-16'
Condition: 7/10
Price: 2 for rm7
*blh buat seluar harian - yg stripe tu Gap kids pants

Guess pink long pants
Size: 18m, length 17.5'
Condition: 9/10
Price: rm24
* seluar ni tebal sket..jenis kain lembut ala corduroy

Baby GAP blue jacket
Size: 3 years
Condition: 9/10
Price: rm25